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People choose psychotherapy for many different reasons.

You or your adolescent:

  • May feel anxious or depressed.

  • May have problems in your peer, home or intimate relationships.

  • May feel “down”, “stuck”, hopeless or empty.

  • May be struggling to deal with a traumatic event or the loss of a loved one.

  • May have difficulty controlling your emotions, becoming angry, tearful or irritated very quickly.

  • You may just feel like “something’s not right”.


There are many more reasons why people might come for therapy, but mostly they come because they want something to change. 


Talking with a good friend or family member can be very helpful. This can sometimes be difficult, however, because you might not be comfortable confiding in them. You may feel like they judge you for some of the things you say or do. Psychotherapy is a process that allows you to explore your difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe, confidential and contained space. Working together with an empathic and non-judgmental therapist will give you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and explore the dynamics that may be contributing to your psychological distress. Through this exploration and understanding you may be able to make positive changes in your life and experience psychological growth and lasting change.

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