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I work primarily from a psychodynamic orientation, with a focus on bringing underlying unconscious dynamics to a conscious level, but draw on other modalities when needed. Our way of being in the world is often shaped by our past experiences and relationships, yet we are often not conscious of the affect these have on our sense of self and on our interactions with others. Using an in-depth psychodynamic approach, we will explore dynamics that give rise to the symptoms and difficulties you may be experiencing. Where certain coping skills are needed, or where traumatic experiences or anxiety is debilitating or hindering progress, I may also incorporate elements of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy.    


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What you can expect

The process begins with an assessment of 2 to 3 sessions for me to gain a better understanding of you and what you are grappling with, and to ascertain the most appropriate way forward. This may or may not include psychotherapy.  You will also gain a sense of how I work. Should you feel comfortable working with me, we will agree on a treatment plan, and if it includes psychotherapy we will meet at regular times, one or more times a week.

The duration of each session is between 50 - 55 minutes.


Therapy sessions are usually conducted in person at my office, but I do offer online sessions under certain circumstances.

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